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$GRUMPY charges a 1% transaction fee which is then shared proportionally among $GRUMPY holders! Sit back and passively earn on your investment. Awful, right?

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Grumpy.finance is a fully decentralized, community-built project to help animal charities.

We are very active in our community and strive to develop trust by being transparent in our mission and our goals.

We are focused on continually making successful efforts for all of our community members as well as the world by giving back. Come join our incredible community! Earn passive income while helping others in need. And don’t forget, it’s okay to be $GRUMPY.


Donated to Charities/Shelters


$Grumpy Holders


Core team members


Volunteers involved






 “I don’t know if you guys realize this, but this is a life-changing amount of money to smaller non-profit organizations. I hope this really takes off and that you guys continue to select smaller community organizations to campaign for.”

Leigh Grady / Sterling Shelter. INC


Not final (subject to change)

Quarter 2 – 2021

  •  First Donation
  •  New website launch
  •  New Charity Drives
  •  New Exchange listing
  •  Increased Social Media Presence
  •  Creating $GRUMPY legal entity
  •  Streamlining Donations (at least 1/month)
  •  Partnerships / collaborations with other projects

Quarter 3 – 2021

  • $GRUMPY Fork plans / new tokenomics
  • NFTs Sets of Rare Collectible Cards
  • $GRUMPY Staking
  • Binance Smart Chain Bridge Integration (TBD)
  • Even more Exchange Listings

Quarter 4 – 2021

  • Donation Vote System Integration
  • $GRUMPY Virtual-Economy based online game
  • NFTs Applied to pet Shelters (TBD)
  • dApp Charity Portal


Nawzad Amiri (Nawa)

Jami Renlund (reneb71)



Executive Assistant

Junior Developer


What is Grumpy Finance?

It is a decentralized and global community looking to help animals who need it the most. Our mission is to bring the world a new use case in the world of Cryptocurrencies and DeFi and we are just getting started. It started out as a fork of Reflect.finance $RFI. Because of this, $GRUMPY is a fair distribution token. No IDO or Private Sales which is the best and only way tokens should be released so everyone has the same access.

$GRUMPY was created in early February 2021, but sadly the project was abandoned by its developers soon after that for personal reasons. However, in March 2021, a community effort was made to adopt and revitalize Grumpy with volunteers working tirelessly to rebuild the project together $GRUMPY now has dedicated leadership, a strong and committed community, and a clear vision built around helping animals, while also earning passive income for community members.

What are the Tokenomics?

The Original supply is 100 Trillion and a part of that is locked in the liquidity pool on UniSwap. There are no minting and no burning mechanisms programmed in the smart contract. 1% of each transaction is redistributed automatically to all existing $GRUMPY holders without the need for gas fees. It should be noted, however, that these tokenomics are subject to change when we will move ahead on a fork in the future, more details to follow.

How to buy $GRUMPY and how does it work?

1. Buy in exchange of your choosing (Uniswap, 1inch, Paraswap etc…)

2. Hold $GRUMPY and get rewarded! 1% of every transaction is distributed to all existing $GRUMPY shareholders instantly and automatically with no fees.

Do you have a marketing department?

Yes! Our marketing team is composed of seasoned professionals from different fields and all walks of life, from design to journalism and beyond! All works are carried out on a voluntary basis for a good cause. We are also in talks with exchanges, shelters, and charity-minded influencers to bring visibility to the project. If you have any ideas to share with us you can contact us directly on Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Medium, Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, Youtube.

How does $GRUMPY give back?

$GRUMPY consists of three main pillars:

1. Community

“All for one and one for all”. Our community will always decide on what charities $GRUMPY donates to, contribute to our roadmap and have a true and genuine impact on a $GRUMPY future.

2. Transparency

We will use a multi-signature Ethereum wallet for peace of mind. As we are a community focused project, we will be listening to constant feedback and receive input from everyone involved. This is and always will be a Community-based decentralized project and everyone is welcome to add to our cause. Just contact one of the Admins with your skills and talents and we will be happy to welcome you and your ideas as one of our own.

3. Upgradability/Scope

We aim to develop a fork in the future adding new features to the token. The smart-contract we have right now is good, but far from perfect. We want to see a true $GRUMPY future where there is an awesome community-based ecosystem in place where animal-lovers from all around the globe can come to so they can come in contact with like-minded individuals and interact with each other in all kinds of new and exciting ways! Some examples would be an online $GRUMPY virtual economy-based MMO game. Another one is to have a good, trustless and almost fully automated donation system in place, where people who would be staking their $GRUMPY can vote on what causes we as a community will support.

Grumpy.finance is a new project, but already had a big impact